About Us

Reformation was founded in 2016 by Ms. Ewurama Jenkins. The idea behind its formation was to take up projects that will address problems in society. Subsequently, the founders saw the need to gear their plan towards one project at a time to ensure a more effective and efficient way of solving the issues. The organization is currently; a self- funded one and will in October, 2019, undertake its first project.
Reformation is made up of 12 persons, each with unique experiences and knowledge in various fields of studies including Law, Information Technology, Business Administration, Economics, Insurance and Political Science. The team is made up of members who held or still do hold key leadership positions in their fields of studies and love to work towards positive change in society.

What makes the team the best to carry on this business of reforming society is that the individuals have the passion and zeal to make society better. Their drive to see reformation among the youth as well as their good work ethic makes achieving results easier.

Reformation is made up of young persons that have identified certain problems in their society and want to help solve those problems in the best way they can. They are determined, ambitious and filled with great ideas to cause change and solve societal problems.
The NGO was established with young people in mind and seeks to create opportunities which tackle problems these young people face in their society.

We believe that no change is too little and that everything begins with a first step.

Our Success
The success of Booksville can only be realized by the number of children impacted on a day to day basis; the more children sign up and make use of the services, the more successful the project is.

Reformation is a Non-Governmental Organization aimed at bringing a change and an improvement in the lives it comes into contact with. We believe that no change is too little and everything begins with a first step. Reformation is here to help.

Mission Statement

To bring about change and development in our society one step at a time.

Vision Statement

Solving life situations and helping the under privileged and the vulnerable

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi

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We love to keep helping and solving problems in the society